Ever since the word Podcast was invented, I’ve always been interested in them.  I think the first ever “netcast” I listened to was Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte.  I was hooked ever since.

These days even so-called “legitimate” entertainers like Adam CarollaPhil Hendrie, and the cast of broadcasters from NPR are making it big in the podcast world.  Most of these people will tell you that the notion of traditional terrestrial radio is quickly fading away and the podcast is reigning supreme.  Just the other day I found myself thinking what a waste traditional cable television is when I consider the amount of enjoyment I get out of listening to podcasts!

For a long time I’ve had the dream of creating my own online radio show.  A show that had no political bent one way or the other.  A no BS approach to broadcasting laden with humor, satire, and cold-hard facts.

As far as format goes, the show would likely be around 90 minutes in length and twice a week to start with.  I’ve found most successful podcasts constrain themselves to this amount of time.  Breaks would be interspersed “live” with freely available independent music to promote bands and artists.  All music credits would be given at the end of the show for people to find the artists.  Here are a few segments I would add to most if not all of my episodes:

  • National News
  • Top Twitter Trends
  • Rant of the Day
  • Viral Video of the Week
  • Tech Corner
  • Interviews

Eventually I would like to make money with the podcast through advertiser support, but getting rich certainly isn’t why I want to go through with this.  I’m just a guy with a mic who wants to talk with the world.