Running of the Mouth Episode 4 – I Don’t Know What This Means

Running of the Mouth Show Notes – Episode 4

In the rather lengthy personal segment, Kevin goes off on adults who think their birthdays are important, and the joys of home ownership.  In an emotional discussion, the anniversary of 9/11 is discussed.  Local radio is also mentioned as well as a Jewish holocaust survivor.

In the news and information segment, Kevin talks about the abuse scandal ravaging the NFL.  There is yet another beheading by ISIS and we dissect the Pope’s assertion that the world’s many conflicts amount to a scattered WWIII.

The rant of the day is a scatterbrained discussion of patent trolls.  We talk about poop in booze news as well as actual booze itself and the freaky things your brain does while you’re asleep.

iPods died this week in today’s tech corner and we express our bewilderment at Microsoft’s purchase of Minecraft.

The video game review this week is 7 Days to Die.

Music credits for today’s show:

  • Heavin’ On Earth – UncleBibbv
  • I want you alice – Marlaia Virta
  • Dis Mav – Di Somatix
  • Deal – Hezzel
  • De Puta Padre – Hezzel
  • HEAVEN – eden

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Running of the Mouth Episode 3 – Hello Fall

Running of the Mouth Show Notes – Episode 3

Today on the show Kevin rants on cops again as he’s had a personal run-in with them in the past week.  The rant is truly epic.  It’s county fair season as the Running of the Mouth show heads to the world’s largest county fair and reports it’s experience.  Kevin chips his tooth while ravenously gnawing on delicious meat, AND it’s fall in northwest Iowa!

In the News and information segment, there’s another beheading to discuss, Joan Rivers has passed away, and many celebrities have had their naked selfies leaked.

Today’s rant of the day is brought to you buy modern technology and how we’re not innovating or doing anything new anymore.

A teacher gives a lap dance to a student, Eminem sets a rap record, and a man is jailed after calling/texting his ex-girlfriend over 20,000 times in our Booze News segment.

The video game review this week is Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Music credits for today’s show:

  • Boy in Blue
  • Sorry we lost all of our music credits for this week’s show! If you’d like to know the particular name and artist of a song on the show, simply tune in and listen for the advertised artist.  D’oh!

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Episode 3 Currently Being Edited

Hey everyone!  It’s been an abnormally busy week at work for me which is why the current episode hasn’t been uploaded yet.  It’s definitely been recorded, but the tedium of editing hasn’t been done.  I’m working on it and will be uploading it soon.  And tomorrow we record episode 4!

Running of the Mouth Episode 2 – Goodbye Summer

New equipment surrounds us today as we take on a more “professional” sound.  Hope you enjoy!  In the personal segment we kiss summer goodbye, say farewell to an old car and talk about being back in class.

Getting into the news of the day involved a story about a 9 year old girl shooting and killing her firing range instructor.  More ISIS news as kids are getting involved in the action.  On the lighter side of things we take a quick trip to the VMAs and look at Miley Cyrus’ interesting date.

Strap in for a passionate (and slightly confusing) rant on partisan politics and why you shouldn’t align yourself with any political party.

We talk selfies, chocolate stealing models, and giant wasp’s nests in Booze News and in the tech corner there’s a new phone on the horizon.

In a rather “revealing” Top Twitter Trends we’re shocked as we accidentally discover what Twitter allows in its timeline feed.  The video game review this week is Amnesia.

Music credits for today’s show:

  • Push Ya – ADC LEVEL
  • Chant de nuit – Dreamer
  • Concerto – Dreamer
  • Hot music – Funkyproject
  • Autumn – TheBlackParrot
  • Divergence Remastered VIP – TheBlackParrot

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Episode 2 is About to Begin

Hey everyone!  Tune in for the second episode of the Running of the Mouth show.  We’ll be getting started in about 20 minutes, that’s 6:30 central time, but it’s not like we’re live anyway so it probably doesn’t matter.  Haha.  Anyway, the main point is that you should set your pod catchers to  Lots of news since our last episode, so get ready for some diarrhea of the mouth!

Running of the Mouth Episode 1 – Hello World!

On the show today we introduce ourselves, the show, the format and all around get acquainted.  The first half of the show was a tad boring as we get settled in and get rolling.  The second half of the show was more interesting as Kevin gets a bit ranty on subjects like law enforcement, the Fergusson fiasco, and ISIS.

In today’s Booze News segment, “Dating Naked” is discussed as well as the Ice Bucket challenge, which you can imagine Kevin isn’t a fan of.  There aren’t any new phones this week so the tech corner is empty, but the Top Twitter Trend included information on the earthquake out in California.  Today’s video game review was Everquest II.

Music credits for today’s show:

  • Boy in Blue -
  • Brother (Kygo Remix) – Matt Corby
  • Pride (Original Mix) – A3RO
  • Digidrop – Rameses B
  • Stop (Blue Mix) – Ghost Kollective
  • Blackmill – Friend

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We Did It!

We did it!  We finally recorded our first podcast.  Admittedly, it wasn’t with the ideal equipment, but that’s on order.  For now, rest assured that the first Running of the Mouth Show is in the bag!  Now, most people recommend that you record two or three shows before you submit to iTunes for listing in their podcast directory so that’s what I intend to do.  No biggie.  I just want to do what’s best for the show, and you my loyal listeners.

I really think I may have found my calling here as I’ve gotten way more joy out of this one episode than any other side project I’ve engaged in.  That’s why I’ve invested so much into it.  Still I don’t care if anyone actually listens to this.  All I want is a chance to voice my opinion and whoever wants to listen can do so.

Can’t wait to hear what you think.

So Sad

So we haven’t made any money over at Kickstarter yet.  There’s still some time left, but needless to say, I’m not optimistic.  No matter we will forge on!  I already have a pretty decent recorder (much better than my lame headset) that will be sufficient at least while we get this thing up and running.  Then, gradually over time, I’ll upgrade the equipment, little by little until things at least somewhat resemble an amateur  operation.

It’s understandable why the Kickstarter isn’t being successful.  I guess I didn’t do the promotion necessary to get the word out about our new adventure.  Like I said, oh well.  Look for the first episode of Running of the Mouth to be out soon!

Welcome to Running of the Mouth!

Untitled-1.fwWelcome citizen.  What you’re about to experience is likely to be unlike anything else you’ve experience before.  What I mean by this is that this is no ordinary political podcast site.  You can go listen to Sean Hannity if your right leaning or Rachel Maddow if you’re more to the left.  I don’t care what Bill O’reily says, the spin truly stops here.  This is where partisan nonsense takes a hike and you get the straight scoop.

We’re gearing up for one great podcast here.  If I’ve intrigued you, check out our Kickstarter page here to get financially involved.  Whatever you can give will help us immensely.

Ever since the word Podcast was invented, I’ve always been interested in them.  I think the first ever “netcast” I listened to was Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte.  I was hooked ever since.

These days even so-called “legitimate” entertainers like Adam CarollaPhil Hendrie, and the cast of broadcasters from NPR are making it big in the podcast world.  Most of these people will tell you that the notion of traditional terrestrial radio is quickly fading away and the podcast is reigning supreme.  Just the other day I found myself thinking what a waste traditional cable television is when I consider the amount of enjoyment I get out of listening to podcasts!

For a long time I’ve had the dream of creating my own online radio show.  A show that had no political bent one way or the other.  A no BS approach to broadcasting laden with humor, satire, and cold-hard facts.

As far as format goes, the show would likely be around 90 minutes in length and twice a week to start with.  I’ve found most successful podcasts constrain themselves to this amount of time.  Breaks would be interspersed “live” with freely available independent music to promote bands and artists.  All music credits would be given at the end of the show for people to find the artists.  Here are a few segments I would add to most if not all of my episodes:

  • National News
  • Top Twitter Trends
  • Rant of the Day
  • Viral Video of the Week
  • Tech Corner
  • Interviews

Eventually I would like to make money with the podcast through advertiser support, but getting rich certainly isn’t why I want to go through with this.  I’m just a guy with a mic who wants to talk with the world.